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Herdshare Details

In North Dakota to obtain raw milk you must have ownership in the animal or herd providing the milk [North Dakota Senate Bill 2072].

If you don't want or are not able to own your own goats and you want delicious, fresh, raw goat's milk, then a Herdshare is right for you.

To accomplish this, you will sign two shared animal ownership agreements. 

By purchasing into our herd and paying us to take care of your portion of the herd, you are able to receive a share of the raw milk produced by the goats on our farm.

First, decide how much milk you would like to receive. This amount determines how much of the herd you are purchasing.

One share entitles you to approximately one gallon of milk per week. A half-share gets you a half-gallon of milk weekly.

The Buy-In and Jar Deposit are paid ONE-TIME.

We exchange jars each week. You give back your empty, rinsed-out jar/lid and we give you a fresh jar(s) of creamy milk.

Prices for the Herdshare Agreement:

 Herdshare Amount Buy-In Jar Deposit Weekly Fee
Full Share $60  $15 $20
Half Share $30 $7.50 $10


If you need less than a half-gallon a week or are looking for a one-time purchase, please contact us for details.

The buy-In, jar deposit and first week's fee are to be paid with the execution of the agreements.

Thereafter, the weekly fee is due on or before the milk delivery day during the time the agreements are in effect.

You can cancel at anytime and your buy-in will be returned to you. Your jar deposit will also be returned when jar is received.

We accept payments made by cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, and Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).