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About Us

Hello. Welcome to Pretty Rock Goats. We are a family-run farm located in southwest North Dakota, USA.

This farm has been in the Goeres family since 1940. The Goeres family has a long tradition of working this land to produce food and raise their families.

We are, John and Julie Goeres, and are the third generation of Goeres' to take on the challenges of running a farm and ranch in Pretty Rock Township, ND.

John went into the military after highschool. Julie is from a small town in NE Wyoming.

We met while attending college and working in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We married and left for the East Coast as John had re-enlisted in the US Navy. 

John and Julie Buffalo Chip

A military career of 21 years witnessed education goals being reached, children being born, many military tours across the world, moves across the United States, and the growing of a family.

We moved back to North Dakota in 2014 to raise our family and our farm...

kids 2014 making gingerbread houses

We brought goats back to the farm in 2015.

Milk sensitivities had affected John and Julie since childhood.

Julie stopped drinking pasteurized milk during middle school and John had been very sick as a baby due to a cow milk allergy.

John's parents bought some goats for milking and his problems went away. Julie can now enjoy milk, as long as it's raw goat's milk.

goats in hay feeder

We strive to build on the generations that came before us and improve on what they created, while raising our animals with the utmost care.

Every year is a little different and we get a few more projects done on the list that rolls out like toilet paper.

sunset over barns in winter

Our little family is growing up and so is the farm. 

Thank you for visiting our farm. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or your experience with our milk.

Until next time,

Be kind. Be calm. Be courageous.

~Julie (The Queen Bee)